tanster.com cheatsheet: April 2015

Here’s a cheatsheet of all the resources I use to manage tanster.com.

I click through to this page several times a day!

tanster.com cheatsheet
  • WordPress paragraph styles
    Also called a typography page or style guide. Mine includes more list details for instructional content.
  • Font Awesome cheatsheet
    The Hueman theme comes with this font, which includes hundreds of icons! If I ever change themes, the new theme will have to include Font Awesome support.
  • tanster.com color palette
    All the colors I use on the site, created with a pretty fun tool!
  • Font: Titillium
    This is the Hueman theme’s default font. Very clean and techno, I dig it.
  • Hueman WordPress theme documentation
    Good theme documentation is helpful when you’re making tweaks!
  • Hueman WordPress theme demo
    A beautiful and free WordPress theme. I sometimes look at the demo when I want to see the design in its default state.
  • jpegreducer.com
    I’m obsessed with getting images as small as possible. Speed up page performance wherever you can!
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test | GTMetrix | Google PageSpeed Insights
    Because, as my friend Jake says, who doesn’t want a faster web?
  • Google Keyword Planner
    Get ideas on which focus keywords to plug into the Yoast SEO plugin.

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