22 Minute Hard Corps: Cardio 2

Day 41/56 #22MinuteHardCorps. Another round of Cardio 2: Sprint in Place, Frog Burpees, and Water Bugs (audio). I’m still sick, so this was TOUGH. Was on my knees gasping for air at nearly every break. Had a headache throughout. What’s the burpee count so far? Can you believe… 1,412 burpees in 6 weeks?! HOLY FRAK. 😱

2016: Year of my best body goals


Something about Oprah’s latest TV commercial for Weight Watchers, in which she says, “let’s let 2016 be the year of our best bodies,” really resonated with me.

Yes, I can make 2016 the year of my best body! I can do this!

I actually started my fitness journey last year, but I’m more determined than ever to keep going, trust the process, and get stronger.

Here are some of the things I’m doing to get there.

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