The Sunday Scaries

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The Sunday Scaries is a real thing, and I’ve been afflicted with it for most of my career.

The Sunday Scaries is the reason why I hardly ever take a vacation longer than a week. Because the longer the vacation, the worse the Sunday Scaries becomes.

The Sunday Scaries is a debilitating feeling of anxiety and anguish. It bubbles up to the surface feelings of insecurity and imposter syndrome.

It’s a feeling of panic and realization that you’re an adult, and that you’re expected to act like an adult.

When all you want to do is sleep in late and watch Fringe all day.

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22 Minute Hard Corps: Cardio 2

Day 41/56 #22MinuteHardCorps. Another round of Cardio 2: Sprint in Place, Frog Burpees, and Water Bugs (audio). I’m still sick, so this was TOUGH. Was on my knees gasping for air at nearly every break. Had a headache throughout. What’s the burpee count so far? Can you believe… 1,412 burpees in 6 weeks?! HOLY FRAK. 😱

22 Minute Hard Corps: Resistance 2

Day 40/56 #22MinuteHardCorps. Upped weights on Resistance 2’s Punch Pull’s from 5s to 8s! Hopefully it won’t cause back problems tomorrow. My rule of thumb is to increase weights very, very slowly so I don’t get hurt. Better to exercise a little every day than to get injured and sidelined for weeks!

How to reset the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor

This article was originally posted April 5, 2015, and updated January 5, 2016.

The Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor is must-have equipment for working out! I’ve had mine for a few years now, and it tracks how many calories I burn and how strenuously I work.

Because I use it almost every day, I have to change the battery a few times a year. The first time I changed the battery, I could not for the life of me figure out how to re-pair the sensor with my iPhone.

Thank goodness for the interwebs. :D

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