22 Minute Hard Corps: Cardio 2

Day 41/56 #22MinuteHardCorps. Another round of Cardio 2: Sprint in Place, Frog Burpees, and Water Bugs (audio). I’m still sick, so this was TOUGH. Was on my knees gasping for air at nearly every break. Had a headache throughout. What’s the burpee count so far? Can you believe… 1,412 burpees in 6 weeks?! HOLY FRAK. 😱

22 Minute Hard Corps: Resistance 2

Day 40/56 #22MinuteHardCorps. Upped weights on Resistance 2’s Punch Pull’s from 5s to 8s! Hopefully it won’t cause back problems tomorrow. My rule of thumb is to increase weights very, very slowly so I don’t get hurt. Better to exercise a little every day than to get injured and sidelined for weeks!