Fitbit setup to track 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts

Here’s my Fitbit setup for tracking my 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts. (Or any workouts, really, that you want to label.)

I like using this information to compare my performance (calories burned, for example) across different sessions of the same workout. It’s also interesting to see how different workout programs (21 Day Fix Extreme vs Focus: T25 vs 22 Minute Hard Corps) affect your numbers!

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Steel cut oatmeal, a cholesterol-fighting breakfast

I love steel cut oatmeal anyway, so this wasn’t much of a challenge…

My cholesterol levels are starting to creep up, and I wondered why.

I went on an oatmeal wave a few years back, when my cholesterol levels were at their lowest, so I think it’s time to get back on it again.

It’s really easy to make a batch on Sunday that you can use through the week!

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