About me

Hello, I’m Jennie (aka tanster). Welcome to my personal blog.

I blog mainly in these areas:


I work out regularly and try to eat clean (at least during the week). I love using tech (and all the data that is produced by it) to improve my well-being. My health articles tend to be about diet, fitness, and mental well-being.


I’m a gadget freak. An early adopter. I still remember how fast my heart was beating when I drove to the store to buy my first Palm Pilot. My tech articles tend to be about gadgets and troubleshooting technical problems.


Yes, I blog about blogging. Blogs are perfect communication devices: easy to get started, easy to maintain, and easy to reach a large audience. I bet you have something cool to share with the world; you should start your own blog about it! I’ve been blogging since 2006. My first blog became a top fansite for the TV show, The Office, and resulted in me appearing in The Office series finale–what a dream come true! 

Thanks for stopping by,