Bottled marinara sauces

In Consumer Reports’ June 2002 report on celebrity pasta sauces, it ranked both Emeril’s Kicked Up Tomato and Rao’s Homemade Marinara as Excellent (Emeril’s sauce was also rated a CR Best Buy).

I found both at the Menlo Park Safeway, Emeril’s priced at $4.89 and Rao’s at more than double the price at $9.99.

In a side-by-side test taste straight out of the jar, it is apparent that Emeril’s sauce is thicker than Rao’s, with a more pronounced olive oil taste, and definitely has a spicy kick to it.

I used Rao’s sauce first — sauteing an Italian turkey sausage link, chopped onions, then pouring in Rao’s sauce, and adding a bit of heavy cream for a richer sauce.  The sauce has a mild taste to it.  Yummy, but not extraordinary.  Definitely not worth the $10 price!

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