3 Chrome extensions I don’t blog without

I spend more time blogging than anything else I do on a computer.

Mostly for my job, and some for my hobby.

Either way, here are three Chrome extensions that are essential in my daily blogging routine.

1. Window Tiler

Window Tiler Chrome extension
Window Tiler shows multiple browser windows at once. Productivity explosion!

When I’m composing an article in WordPress, I use Window Tiler to view the WordPress Edit Post window on the left side of my big monitor, and preview on the right side.

With one click, the side-by-side windows automatically size to 50%, making my desktop nice and neat.

2. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension
Awesome Screenshot snaps long articles in one click! Just choose Capture entire page.

I often write articles that need to be reviewed by others before publication. In those cases, I’ll send them a screenshot of the article so they can see the exact look and feel of the content.

Awesome Screenshot is convenient because it snaps the entire length of the article without me having to snap, scroll, snap, scroll, and stitch together.

Not only does it snap the entire length of the article, it also lets me crop out the header and footer if I want to, and add simple annotations. Awesome indeed!

3. Pocket

Pocket Chrome extension
Pocket makes it easy to save articles for later. I even use it on my treadmill!

Pocket collects all the interesting web articles I find that I want to read/tweet later. Whether it’s tips on writing, a review on a new WordPress plugin, or a recipe I want to try, it’s easy to save the page with one click so I won’t have to go hunting for it later.

How about you? Which browser extensions are part of your blogging routine?

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