Speed up WordPress with 42 fast themes

From WPThemeDesign:

Review of 42 high quality fastest free WordPress themes. All themes in 7 most used category. tested on GTmetrix & Pingdom average loading speed is 2.50 sec.

I love that the Hueman theme (what I use here at tanster.com) is included in the list. :)

One of the best things about this article is the handy infographic that offers some easy tips on how to speed up WordPress on your site!

Speed up WordPress

Tips I follow to speed up WordPress

Here are the tips I now follow, based on the infographic above:

  • Keep the number of plugins to a minimum. I try to keep to 10 or less.
  • Make images as small as possible. The Hueman theme uses a lot of featured images, and I’ve removed much of the code that shows them. I also use jpegreducer.com to get the images I do use as small as possible.
  • Limit post revisions to 3. Check!
  • Keep the database clean. Check!
  • Keep the homepage light. Check!
  • Use caching. Check!

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