And so another blog begins

After creating a blog for The Office, and then another one for QuickBooks, I decided to create a personal blog.

With all my notes and things that I want to keep track of. Mainly about blogging, WordPress, gadgets, and other techie stuff, with an occasional cheat day food photo thrown in when I’m feeling decadent. :)

Here are some random thoughts about the whole process of starting a blog.

My brain doesn’t fit in a niche

They say that your blog should focus on a specific niche to be most effective.

But they also say you should always try to present your most authentic self.

In the case of, I choose authenticity over niche.

Articles about blogging, sprinkled with photos of poached eggs. Unrelated topics?–yes! But true to me?–totes!

How I chose the Hueman WordPresss theme

I spent many weekends shopping for a WordPress theme. But when the whole Internet is your market, the choices can be overwhelming. My list of potential themes grew and grew until I became paralyzed by indecision.

I started to realize that I didn’t want to pay for a theme. At least, not yet. (If I had paid, though, MyThemeShop’s TruePixel theme was at the top of my list.)

I ended up choosing the Hueman theme because:

  • It was beautiful
  • It paid attention to typographic details, requiring minimal child theme tweaks
  • And yes, it was free

It was such a relief to finally make that theme decision. It felt like I crossed a major milestone.

In the end, blogging is fun

Because blogging is really fun. You should try it!

(If you’ve never created a blog before, go explore and create one.)

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