Quick and dirty way to create screenshot.png

WordPress 2’s theme selection page (click Presentation from the Admin panel) now includes thumbnails so you can see what each theme looks like. A theme must include this thumbnail file (called screenshot.png) in order for it to be displayed.

When a theme doesn’t include its own screenshot.png, here’s a quick and dirty way to create it yourself:

  1. Go to the most excellent WordPress Theme Viewer.
  2. Display the theme for which you wish to create a thumbnail file. Make sure the page you’re on is the one for the theme only.
  3. A large image (420×315) of the theme should appear in the left column. Right-click on that image and save it to your computer.
  4. Open the image with any graphics program (I use Graphic Converter for the Mac).
  5. Resize the picture to 300×225. (It should resize perfectly to these proportions.)
  6. Save the image as screenshot.png.
  7. Upload the image to its theme’s folder in your WordPress wp-content/themes/ directory.

That’s it! — you should now be able to see that theme’s thumbnail in your Admin Presentation screen.

Of course, this assumes that the theme you’re interested in is included in Theme Viewer. If it’s not, I suppose you could just use a screen capture application to create the image yourself, and then resize it to 300×225.

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