How to reset the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor

This article was originally posted April 5, 2015, and updated January 5, 2016.

The Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor is must-have equipment for working out! I’ve had mine for a few years now, and it tracks how many calories I burn and how strenuously I work.

Because I use it almost every day, I have to change the battery a few times a year. The first time I changed the battery, I could not for the life of me figure out how to re-pair the sensor with my iPhone.

Thank goodness for the interwebs. :D

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor

I found this lifesaver of a comment from Mike Bengtson on Amazon:

To factory reset the H7 so that it can re-pair with your phone properly take out the battery and take a paperclip to short the two battery tabs on the unit for 1-2 seconds. One tab is the copper colored center one and one is a very small silver one on the side. Simply take a paper clip and short these two for a couple of seconds, replace your battery and voilà — it will show up again to pair with your phone.

Polar should absolutely make this tip part of their basic documentation.

Because this is the only thing that works!

Thank you, Mike, for sharing this trick and saving me from tearing my hair out.

January 2016 update

I’m not sure what happened, but Mike’s instructions above worked wonderfully for awhile. Until they didn’t. And then I was stuck once again.

So back to Google Search I went. And I found this article:

Polar H7 Not Pairing? Discharge It (no longer available)

I’m now back in business again. And I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t need to deal with these troubles for a long, long time!

June 2016 update

Please check out the comments below for some other solutions! Thanks to all of you lovely Polar H7 owners who took the time to share your expertise! :)

P.S. The battery you need is the CR2025.

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  1. I tried the advice you gave. My H7 heart rate sensor still didn’t work. I then chatted with a Polar representative. The representative said to call Polar customer support to have the rep. tell me how to perform a hard rest. I called. The rep. had me do the following: (1) Remove the battery; (2) unfold a paperclip; (3) bend the paperclip into the shape of the letter “U”; (3) touch one end of the paperclip to the silver tab that holds the battery in place; (4) while keeping it touching that silver tab, touch the other end of the paperclip to any one of the several gold dots near the gold tab; (5) and hold the paperclip for ten seconds while it continues to touch both a gold dot and the silver tab. Did this work? I don’t know. I’m in an office right now and don’t have the strap with me. I’m posting this because the original instructions, at least as I followed them, didn’t work for me. The rep. said that if it still doesn’t work, I’m going to have to send it back to Polar. Fortunately, it is still under warranty.

  2. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for including those steps! Hoping that works for you.

    This Polar Bluetooth strap can be quite troublesome, can’t it?

    Similar to your experience, Mike’s remedy worked for me for awhile… until they didn’t.

    I found another set of instructions which seem to work, and I’ll update my post with them.

    If you find the instructions that you got from the Polar rep didn’t work for you, try the link in my January 2016 update above.

    Good luck!

  3. My pleasure! I know how frustrating it is when it all of a sudden doesn’t work, especially right before a workout!

  4. So… I tried these 2 methods and none helped me. I bought a new battery, tried a lot and I don’t understand. It not pairs…

  5. Before I upgraded my iOS to 9.2.1 recently, both My H7 and H6 worked with Polar bear! Now, both would not work with Polar beat but working with other APP in iOS! How that happened! Can anyone please help? Thanks a lot!

  6. I’m also struggling to link to Polar Beat but I can link to all other apps with my H7. Please help…

  7. Something must be going on with the recent iOS upgrade because I am having similar symptoms.
    1) My PolarH7 shows in the Bluetooth pairing part of the iPhone6 Settings
    2) The PolarH7 properly connects with Endomondo, Strava, Runkeeper, etc showing correct HR
    3) The PolarH7 properly connects (via RF) with my PolarRS200 watch showing correct HR
    4) BUT… PolarBeat App DOES NOT detect the PolarH7

  8. I had the same problem where it wouldn’t pair. I carried out a ‘Hard Reset’ by shorting out the battery terminals +ve and -ve with a paper clip but still would not pair. I then discovered that if you have already paired the HRS with the iPhone in settings this in fact stops you pairing in Polar Beat. So ensure the device is NOT paired in the iPhone bluetooth settings and pair only in Polar Beat App and it works. I also carried out the ‘Hard Reset’ process on my Adidas miCoach HRS that had stopped working and it also worked.

  9. Hi, I can’t pair my H7 with the Polar A360! Pairs fine with Polar Beat on my Galaxy Note 3 or with polar Flow.
    Done every tip I could find on the internet! Really really disappointing!

  10. So I have been trying all of these suggestions and nothing seemed to be working. I was just trying out the hard rest option and, as I was performing this, I came to notice that the silver tab had become slightly pushed down (probably while pushing the cover back on and tight) and a little adjustment with the paperclip made it pop back into its appropriate place. Now my H7 is working! I can’t for sure say if it was the hard rest that Doug described above or just that this piece had moved but checking to be sure your silver tab isn’t jammed down is worth a shot.

  11. awesome!. samantha’s tip about the small silver thingy on the sides being pushed down was the answer!. There is a small block of black plastic from the watch itself. the silver thingy has a small lip that should rest on top of it. the battery simply wasn’t connecting, so the H7 wasn’t turned on. To check if your H7 is actually on and using bluetooth, use a smartphone to see if it shows up when scanning for devices. if it isnt, the battery not connecting properly could be your problem

  12. First of all I say thank you to all of you, for sharing the methods concerning not conectivity problems. I have been trying all of it (push down the silver connection and hard rest). My device is not starting (is not seen on any Bluetooth smartphone / computer) and I have a big headache for this reason.

  13. Mine wasn’t working after trying both the hard reset as well as putting on the monitor with battery removed one for a minute. Then I did what Samantha suggested. Apparently, I had pushed the silver pin near the open/close thingy away from the two tiny dots on the motherboard, which in turn, prevented the silver thingy from touching the two dots. I ensured that that silver thingy was touching the two dots and, voila! It started working again! I guess I had pushed away the silver thingamajig by the open/close sign when I was trying to close the monitor. Thanks Samantha!!!! And others too!

  14. WOW, It’s working again… :-).
    In my case the silver tab was the problem. Just did what Samantha said.. Great Job Samantha… Thanks.
    BTW, Polar should work on it and fix the it, for the next version… and put a LED to indicate that sensor is working…

  15. Yep! I took a point of an exacto knife, and gently pulled up the silver pin or connector to the battery. Did the trick!

  16. I have had a similar problem. I paired the sensor to the A360 at first, and it worked great for the first couple of workouts. Then, the sensor stopped working with the A360, though it still worked fine with Beat. I reset the watch to factory settings (a 20 to 15 process), and it worked again. But then the next day, the A360 went back to not working. I’ve done the reset the last 6 days on the A360 just to record my workouts (have had the A360 just a month). Not at all convenient and time-consuming. I’m contacting Polar to get this fixed, else its pretty worthless to me. I have a heart condition that I need to track my range while working out, which was the whole point of purchasing the A360. Very disappointing.

  17. I can pair it with my phone but when i try with my polar V800 it doent work any idea?

  18. I tried all the previous recommended steps and still no luck.

    Today, I found a solution that works for me.

    This is how I got my polar H7 to PAIR AND CONNECT with my Android Moto X Pure Edition phone.

    Previously, resetting the phone, nor resetting the H7 heart rate monitor (by resetting the battery) could get the devices to pair and connect. The Moto X would pair with the Polar H7, but the Polar Beat app would not *CONNECT* to the paired H7.

    Based on the info in the Moto X, I suspected it was trying to work, but just not connecting to the Android apps, specifically Polar Beat.

    Today I tried looking for some Bluetooth apps to confirm whether or not the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol was working on my cell phone. I found an Android app called “BLE Scanner”. After installing and testing for BLE, the app detected the BLE protocol confirming the H7 was paired. However, the BLE app asked if I wanted to CONNECT to the H7. I tapped on the button to connect. I then opened the Polar Beat App, and guess what?, Polar Beat is now connected to the H7 and working as it should.

    So what is wrong, the cell phone or the Polar Beat app?

    I don’t know. All I know for sure is that it is now working.
    Other Moto X Pure Edition owners may want to give the Android app “BLE Scanner” a try and see if it fixes their similar problem.

  19. Hi Harry,

    Thank you for so thoroughly documenting your solution, and I’m so glad it worked for you! :)

  20. Not happy at all with this damn thing. Got my H7 to pair with my Galaxy S3 several times the first night I had it, but only for about 8 to 10 seconds at a time with the Polar Heart Monitor app. I kept playing with it the next day and the same thing. I went to one of SEVERAL web sites for answers and followed directions to try Polar Beat but still no connection, at all! Then I was going to try the reset trick. Now I can’t get the back cover to rotate to get the battery compartment to open. I’ve tried several things, the coin, a bigger coin, a wide screw driver and all I’ve done is knarl the little slot in the battery cover. This sorry thing is going back.

  21. I tried alsorts even the press the silver clips on each side for ten seconds as soon as you remove the batt.
    Then saw Samantha’s post and looked at mine used a pin to flick the silver tab up and voila. Thanks.

  22. Thank you Samantha, this is/was my solution.
    Silver connector pushed in the right place (according with little “plob”)

    Did occur because inproper battery placing – BY ME

    Love from Holland

  23. Try unpairing it with your phone. Some apps have programming that automatically pairs the monitor with the phone as long as bluetooth is turned on. If you pair it directly with the phone before going into the app, it might interfere. I have a Samsung S6

    Tried everything else. Everything! This worked. Hope it helps

  24. Thank you for the tip. I tried the reset and new battery and nothing worked. Be a little forceful with the silver clip. It needs to be above the plastic piece that sticks out behind it.

  25. hi sebastian,

    Make sure the silver clip is pushed UP not down. The silver must be above the black plastic piece that sticks out from the main housing area. I hope this helps!

  26. Tried the both methods, but finally Samantha’s silver connector did the trick. What will we do without Google?

  27. Samantha! You are a genius. I did all the resetting and nothing worked. The silver tab looked to be below the black tab, so I took the tip of a paper clip and tugged at it ever so slightly, nothing… Tugged a bit harder and heard a pop. I looked thinking I had broken it but alas… The silver tab was now above the black one and it works. Thanks again!!

  28. Thank you so much! Tried everything else: replacing battery, pulling up silver sensor, shorting the device with paper clip. Turned out I had to disconnect the Bluetooth pairing on the iPhone first and then the Polar Beat app paired immediately.

  29. Thank you so much, pulling the silver bit up with a paper clip worked! I was on the verge of sending it back. Couldn’t workout without it!

  30. I had the same problem; replaced the battery when the H7 wouldn’t communicate with Runkeeper, or Polar Beat. New battery didn’t help. Then under Bluetooth settings on my Android phone I UNPAIRED the H7. It was in the list of paired devices. Then, with the strap on, and the H7 snapped onto the strap I tried connecting to the H7 in the App (Runkeeper or Polar Beat.) It worked fine. In my case it seemed that the trick was to NOT have the H7 paired to the phone, and instead let the App establish the connection. Hope this works for some of you.

  31. Of ALL the webpages I’ve googled to research how to solve the pairing problem THIS page helped the most.
    I kept getting prompts that my phone is unable to communicate with H7 or passkey is wrong, repeatedly.
    I tried the paperclip reset, reseating the position of the metallic battery contact tab, discharging it, nothing worked.
    Best advice was that of stopping your bluetooth manually, and opening the Polar Beat app and letting it call out the bluetooth connection. Then input the passkey from there. But first ensure that any OTHER mobile which already had paired with the same H7 before, has its bluetooth switched OFF otherwise it will preferentially monopolise the H7 bluetooth and prevent you from pairing any new phone to that H7.

    I also had problem pairing my Polar M400 watch (M400 bundled with H7 at purchase) with mobile phone (Samsung J7 2016 aka GT-J710GN). Again, stopping bluetooth manually, but letting the Polar Flow app on mobile call out to the M400 to enable bluetooth pairing, solved it.

  32. Jennie, Glad I stumbled on this info. My H7 stopped working after only 8 months! I changed the battery but needed to “hot wire” the silver thingy with a gold dot as suggested by others. But then had trouble pairing my A300 with the monitor. Turns out I needed to pair my iPhone. With Bluetooth open, I laid down my phone, the H7 and the A300 touching each other and let them connect on their own. It worked!!! Hope this helps someone else.

  33. My issue was that the app detected my Polar H7 but it was showing a zero for HR. When I contacted the support team at Concept 2 (I was trying to pair it with a rowing app), she said that sometimes when pairing it with too many things can cause problems. I unpaired it from the rowing machine, then re-paired it with the rowing app on my phone. Ta-da! It worked. Thanks for all the other great suggestions, I feel like I’m ready for whatever happens to this HR monitor!

  34. Hi,
    I’ve been using and loving Polar products for many years and I LOVE the app that I now had on my IPhone 4S an now my IPhone 6 that I use with the bluetooth strap. It stopped working and I brought it in to have the battery replaced at the authorized rep where I purchased the strap. That was about 2 months ago and I have not been able to get the heart rate reading. It pairs alright, but no heart rate. I’ve un installed the app 3 x now, and re-paired the device, no luck. Today I went back to see if it was the battery. He put a new battery in, we tried it and no. We tried his personal strap with my peanut and still nothing. He tried removing the battery for 6 minutes (which is suggested somewhere on a forum) and still nothing. I know it works, as I still wear the original watch that I first used when I started with Polar products (probably more than 6 years ago), and my watch picks up the HR. Any suggestions?

  35. The silver battery contact T-bone tab is not covered properly for trouble shooting the H7 inability to pair since there is no connectivity, hence the heart sensor is not “live”. Per the prior postings I hope the following will assist in “resetting” the battery contact (silver tab).

    1. A loop magnifier or magnifier or a magnifier lens attachment that attaches to your glasses. This will leave you hands free to reset the tab.

    2. Tweezers; if you have a access to a fine tipped tweezers it would be better.

    3. A work light or desk lamp that will illuminate the area properly.

    With the aforementioned you’ll be able to see how the tab may need to be “popped” (leveraged) or lifted and pushed back to the plastic protrusion that lines up with the trunk of the silver T-bone tab.

    This link (from prior post) will focus on the silver T-bone tab being set in proper position:

    Prior to placing the battery and cover back on make sure the arms of the T-bone tab are contacting in sides of the battery by simply placing the battery in place without the cover to check for proper contact. You do not want the arms to be bent forward (toward the center) or you may end up compressing the tabs down again. Nor do you want them bent back and not have connectivity. This is where the tweezers come in handy adjust the tabs.

    Note: When you finally put the cover and battery back into the housing, be aware the there is that silicone O-ring that makes for a tight fit so the cover needs to be pushed down and then locked in place. However, be careful that the tabs are not leaning towards the center of the housing and you are catching the wings of the T-bone and compressing these in the down position.

    I’ll submit this issue to Polar and hopefully they will add to their trouble shooting list.

    Thanks to all who shared.

  36. Thanks to Samantha – you have saved me a lot of stress. You were clever to work this one out.

    Polar should know about this.

    It’s such a simple fix when you know what to do.

  37. This tip saved my H7! Oh thank you thank you!!! Agree with couple other posts, you do have to get after the little silver piece a bit. It needs to get over the black plastic piece. Like another person, I was gentle, but not effective. Put a little more force and ‘pop’ the piece went into place and the H7 works. HOORAY! Off to run…

  38. This helped me with my new Unit Super phone. Bluetooth settings saw h7 easily but couldn’t get it working with Polar Beat. Installing and running BLE scanner solved this instantly.

  39. The reset with paperclip worked for me… THANK YOU FOR POSTING.
    After for years use, several battery changes, it stopped connecting to bluetooth devices. Still worked with equipment in the gym which confirmed new battery was good and inserted correctly and connections were good.

    I was about to place an order for a new one, but sense prevailed, I googled and saw above tips.
    Brilliant….. THANK YOU all for posting various reset and contact details. Saved me £££

    World can be a beautiful place. Only, good news travels lot less

  40. Another success story!! Hallelujah!! I thought it was a goner! Thank you for the silver clip over the black plastic tip.

  41. If your Watch can’t see the H7 check powers actually getting to the H7! the small battery terminal inside the H7 can be bent when you insert the battery (see but it can also be too loose and not make contact with the battery, I just pulled it slightly towards the centre and was able to re-synch the H7 with my M400. Probably a battery that was a miniscule too small :-)

  42. Just shorted pos and neg terminals with paperclip.
    Reinstalled battery.
    i-Phone picked up immediately.
    Thanks so much!

  43. This worked for us with an iphone 6. Had to disconnect the H7 from the iphone bluetooth settings and then open the Polar app and connect through there. Then everything paired fine.

  44. I had sent my Polar in (making sure the battery tabs were not the issue) it was sent back indicating tabs were not touching battery. I been using for a little over a month and I have another problem. The H7 shows up on iPhone 6 as a device and I can get it to connect. However, when I set it for an activity i.e. treadmill with Polar Beat the blue circle (where the heart rate displays) shows nothing. I press the start button and everything is picking up except heart rate. Note: the treadmill I’m using is a Precor unit and it has a heart rate monitor which is picking up the heart rate from the H7. I have filed this problem with Precor Customer Service on Feb. 23 (Thursday) and received emailed receipt of problem but have not received any repair order number. I love the Polar Beat application…but could something be deficient in the app software. I’m going to use an alternate app. to see if it will work (Endomondo and Under Armour).

  45. UPDATE: I tried “restarting the application” (shared by prior posts) by disconnecting the sensor from the strap and then removed the battery then placed the battery cover back on (without battery). Connected the sensor to the strap and wore for 10 seconds and then removed sensor and strap and put battery back into sensor / strap and now it works. This is covered at this site While this is called restarting…I would rather called if a “reset” and the paper clip method a “hard reset”. However, the paper clip method is not covered on the trouble shooting list.

  46. UPDATE 2: Sorry I should have thought about this. I my opinion the method of a “reset” and a “hard reset” (above) accomplishes the same thing. Hence the “hard reset” is not included in Polar Trouble shooting guide. Basically, both methods remove the battery and 1) using the paper clip provides connectivity (+/-) to reset 2) connecting sensor (without battery) to strap and wearing (your body) provides connectivity (+/-) to reset. Jennie thanks for providing this post…as my tuxedo cat (Oreo) walks in front of the screen! :)

  47. My pleasure, Wayne. It pains me to see so many people having trouble with their Polars, but at least we have this page to share solutions! :)

  48. Agreed. The Polar device and application is y great to use when it’s working properly. I really like the ability to use it when I’m walking 18 holes of golf and I can affix my iPhone to a holder on my push cart. I can then keep track of my heart rate, distance covered it also utilizes GPS tracking so you can ascertain what your HR was on a specific location on the golf course…flat or hilly terrain, etc. This can help when reviewing any episode with a physician. Hence, I’ve realized that the Polar H7 is simply a finicky heart rate monitor. By the way, I did submit a request to Polar Customer Service to continue to update their trouble shooting guide so we can fix in the field. For a couple of years I worked as a surgical instrument repair specialist and found a trouble shooting guide was an invaluable “tool’ in our repair arsenal. Thanks again Jennie!

  49. phewwwwww, after 3 days of going crazy,
    was about to buy a new one ,
    came across this,

    life saver tip. thanks !!!!!!!!!!

  50. also i was wondering is there any way of getting speed and cadence sensors to work on a spin indoor bike by connecting them with the v800 and h7 ??

    thanks !!!

  51. Please be aware that bluetooth is only active/sending when you “wearing” the sensor with the belt.

  52. Of all the things I tried, this is the only thing that worked! Thank you so much for posting!!

  53. OMG! Sooooo true I just did it and it finally worked after 2 days of trying to pair it after a battery replacement. I actually though I broke the silver piece as well, when trying to tug it a bit when it popped…. It immediately paired…

  54. Thanks! I was ready to throw this thing into the river! I wish this thing had photos or video. I used a safety pin instead of the paper clip.

  55. I’d say that the most important thing when using the H7 is to detach it from the strap when you’re done working out! This effectively turns it off until the next time. The stated battery life is around 200 hours, which is an hour a day for almost 7 months! I haven’t changed mine in almost 2 years…

    From the manual:
    “Connector: Detach the connector from the strap after every use and dry the connector with a soft towel. Clean the connector with a mild soap and water solution when needed.”

  56. Awesome tip. Worked perfectly after trying everything else to get it to pair!!

  57. yes this worked: there is a black plastic tab, the silver piece needs to on top of that, used a pointed scissors to pry it back up on top of it. synced right away. thanks for the tip

  58. Hi Doug

    OMG I was pulling my hair out with this thing. Your instructions we exact and it worked first time.
    I cannot believe it as I usually sceptical about these type of forums, but today I was at my wits end.

    Thank you for the help:-)

  59. Wow! Great advice. I used the battery to short the connectors since there was no paper clip handy.


  60. I discovered the smaller silver battery tab along the edge of the inside of the H7 had been pushed down further than the contact with battery position it needed to be in…likely by putting on/off the battery back… With the tip of a sharp knife I was able to pop it back up into position so it would contact the edge of the battery.

  61. I am having this same issue with the H10. Do the same methods apply to fix it? Does anyone have the H10? I have tried everything I could think of. Nothing is working.

  62. Thank you so much!!! I was losing my mind with none of the other advice working. And this was my issue as well!!

  63. Thanks!!!!!!!!! I tried everything! Nothing worked. I had notice the silver tap leaning forward but I thought it was normal! It wasn’t!!! It worked!!!!!

  64. Ed thanks for your input it seems that this was the case with my sensor popped it back up and its working

  65. Mine did pair, but showed 0pm in all apps. However, in gym it showed HR in gym equipment. I looked all over internet.

    After trying to pair it in many ways i start noticing another polar ID in the list of devices (mapmyfitenss, polar beat, etc..). I connected to the other one (that also matched what is printed on my H7) and it worked.

    Not sure what happened. Either this one is broadcasting 2 names or my neighbor has a connected one at home and is not wearing it.

    I kind of lean towards the second one as the distance to the wrong one seems to be -80, while distance to the one that works is -40.

  66. Thank you! My polar monitor would show up as connected to my iphone however it would not display the heart rate in any apps however I could see it on gym equipment.
    I did not have a paper clip with me but instead used a key to join the two pieces…it worked! Looking forward to my run tomorrow.
    Thanks again!

  67. I had the same problem. After updating to iOS 11.2 my Polar Beat didn’t recognize my little H7 and I noticed that little H7 was working perfectly with my Android phone instead.
    So, before trying to reset the H7
    1- I uninstalled Polar Beat app AND I turned off bluetooth AND I shut down the iPhone.
    2- I restarted the iPhone AND reinstalled Polar Beat app AND I turned on bluetooth again
    .. and now all is working perfectly again.
    Try this before resetting little H7 … and good luck.

  68. Thank god I found this forum. I had the same problem cannot pair after replaced my battery. Tried the hard reset, nothing happen. I read further down and try lifting my silver tab bravo, it is back to life! Ended up it is the silver tab connector not touching the battery becoz it is pushed below the point if touch. You guys are brilliant!

  69. First option did not work so tried the hard set and I am back in business. So glad you had this. I was going to throw mine away and order another one which I can not afford to do. Many thanks

  70. It is important to notice that if your battery was weak/depleted it is necessary to charge the internal capacitors from the H7 before you try the reset or it will be unresponsive even with a new battery. So, change the battery and put with the strap in your chest, Wait for at least 15 minutes and then execute the reset procedure (both options should work silver+gold terminals or silver+golden dots). also has a video on youtube with the reseting precedure for those in doubt on how to execute it. Last tip: Pay attention to the position of the silver terminal!

  71. Thank you very much!
    I got trouble when H7 visible, but won’t connect. Just remove battery for few minutes doesn’t help. But, your “recipe” with short circuit battery contacts restore normal device function.

  72. THIS IS THE ANSWER! fought with it with teen daughter for an hour, used a safety pin to flicked the silver clip above the tiny black tab shelf, instant pair.

  73. This comment should be part of the post, it ended several hours of trying everything over the past few months, thanks Samantha!

  74. Thank you for the comments about pairing the device only in the Polar App and about lifting the silver contact lip over the black plastic tab. Thought my device or the heart rate sensor were broken and had relegated it to a cupboard for 2years, now it works. Definitely leaves a lot to be desired from Polar’s service team!

  75. all the above failed…but I have another solution.
    if you have replaced the battery you may have pushed the silver contact down into the device. if you have you may not be able to see the ‘c’ shaped contact but it may appear as just a single silver coloured contact. Very gently with a paper clip tease it back up and out so the the c-shape of it is now viable. … it should now work fine. mine did

  76. THIS WORKED!!! thank you… 2018 and there is still the same problem. heard a pop… ohhh sh+++t but it started to work :)

  77. This also worked for me! I was going nuts! Now, I hope the new battery last another 3 years :)

  78. Thanks for this. I have sent my H7 back 3 times now and I’m over it. Came here and popped my silver tab back up and boom. Works.

  79. It just worked for me, I was considering buying a H10 but at $168 dollars ..stuff that expense. I came across your page and shorted the contacts I had to reset my Cyclemeter id for the HRM and its working….First time in months
    I really appreciate your help

  80. Lifting up the little silver thing worked for me! POP! I had tried everything and had already bought a new H7 once before because it suddenly lost contact with my V800 a while ago. I did the silver-thing-trick with both my new and my old – and now both works!! Thanks big times!

  81. THIS WORKED FOR ME AFTER SEVERAL TRIES OF RESETTING WITH PAPER CLIP AND PUTTING YOUR FINGERS ON THE CONNECTORS!!! I just put the paperclip under the silver tab and it moved up slightly and it works now!!! Thank you :)

  82. This worked for me…. I literally tried everything. The silver piece must be above the small plastic piece behind it. It hooks onto the plastic piece… Don’t be scared to force it up there! Thanks!!

  83. Mickela this extra tip about needing to be over the black plastic saved my H7! thanks so much for sharing

  84. Hi, i found something that helped. The silver side clip for the battery (that your supposed to put a paper clip on) was bent and would not make connection. Probably my own fault from putting the battery in carelessly or forceably. It just needed to be pushed back to the correct position. I wold upload photo but it doesn’t seem available here. Hope that works for the ones that paper clip does not.

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