Poached egg and spinach on grilled bread

Sandy decided to make this for breakfast today.

It’s a recipe by Ted Allen, host of Food Network’s All-Star Academy. The recipe appeared in the April 13, 2015, issue of PEOPLE.

Sandy improvised with what we had in the house.

poached egg spinach grilled bread

Poached egg and spinach on grilled bread notes

He grilled sliced sourdough, topped with spinach sauteed in olive oil and minced garlic, put a poached egg on top, and sprinkled with a little shredded cheese.

It was quite yummy! And the smell of garlic wafted through the house. Always a good thing. :)

Another Ted Allen poached egg recipe

I looked for the original recipe online, but couldn’t find it. Here’s another one, though, that’s close: Poached Emmentaler Eggs with Grilled Bread

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