Blog designs: some of my favorites

I am so drawn to blog designs that have a distinct personality, whether it be in color palette, layout, writing style, or any combination of the three.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite blog designs and why.

  • Sidewalk WordPress theme: If I were to buy a WordPress theme right this instant, it would be Sidewalk. It has a simple and clean design, and it looks like every detail was impeccably coded.
  • I love the consistent use of a simple color palette! It makes me want to keep scrolling and reading.
  • The Pioneer Woman: Beautifully designed down to the last detail. And I love Ree’s writing style. I feel like she’s chatting with me at her kitchen table!
  • Hungry Girl: Strong sense of brand. Fun, animated. Her recipes are real-world doable. And she’s always hungry, just like me!

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